About Us

Nuurez, Inc. is the next generation in residential options —a disruptor like no other.

Nuurez provides total freedom for those who are seeking a life where they can live where they want when they want with no strings attached. In addition, customers of Nuurez can add a new income stream to their lives that once seemed improbable if not impossible. A Nuurez rental property can be listed on Airbnb or any of the myriad of the other similar websites by the Nuurez renter, even though they don’t own the property that they’re living in. Nuurez will even help its rental customers list their homes and teach them how to do it.

The Visionary

Noelle Randall is all about growth. She has been a thriving entrepreneur for over 20 years and is a successful real estate investor, renowned mentor, author, and speaker. Her diverse business experience has been instrumental in her personal success as well as the success of countless real estate professionals throughout the United States whom she has trained. Noelle is an MBA with 2 master’s degrees, (Baylor & Penn State), and is also co-founder of FDR Horizon Enterprises, LLC, a private real estate equity investment firm and managing entity of major retail brands.