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Property Management Services

You’ve got the space. Put it to good use.

Do you have a place with fantastic potential for short-term rental income, but don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of managing it?

Excellent. Let’s work together.
And by “work together, ” We mean we work and you relax.

NuuRez Inc offer turn-key host management services that cover everything – so you don’t have to. From smart locks that allow us to monitor when guests enter and exit, to staging and photography, we’ve got every detail covered.

Not sure what you want?

Are you the type of person who enjoys extending hospitality, but the “business end” of things…not so much? We offer flexible plans so that you can concentrate on your guests – and we’ll handle the dreary details…

Option 1

Support Service

Professional cleanings between every booking

All guest inquiries, communication, and bookings handled

Fully-vetted guests, pet-free and smoke-free stays

Automatic monthly payments made directly to your account

and more! (I’m not just saying that. There really is more)

Option 2

Full Service

All the Support Services

Guest freebies

Fully insured for damage and liability

Minor maintenance covered and more! (I’m not just saying that. There really is more)

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